Managing Conflict at Work

Wherever people coming from different backgrounds are thrown together every day, in a small space, expecting to work towards a single goal, you can expect conflict to crop up eventually, in one form or the other.

If you’re in a management position, then it falls on you to prevent or resolve conflicts among your subordinates – and here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Establish clear standards of behavior. Many companies have handbooks, orientations, and bulletin boards that define in black and white what is acceptable behavior and what is not. “You’re not allowed to shout at anybody at work. No smoking or drinking in the office. Do not send unsolicited emails to colleagues…”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these reminders fall under common sense – for a lot of people, they don’t.

2. Stop conflict early. A good manager detects and handles conflicts while they are still brewing. Do not wait for the explosion. Keep an eye out for areas where extreme friction may arise among your subordinates, or even between your own subordinate and someone from another department. You may detect these in work emails. Observe lunch hour group dynamics. Listen to the gossip at the water cooler. It’s part of your job to do so.

3. Study individual motivations. Why is this person cooperative with the senior manager but rebellious towards the junior manager? Is this an issue of respect, a personal vendetta, jealousy, or something else? What motivates that person to create this conflict, and what will motivate them to change their ways?

Conflict resolution involves far more than listing down rules and penalties. It is a fine art that you need to carefully study and train for.

Working with Difficult PeopleOne book that may help you manage conflicts at work is “Working with Difficult People,” by corporate psychology expert Mark S. Eagle. This book is a treasure trove of advice on identifying, understanding, and dealing with difficult personalities at work. It will be a helpful and important part of your arsenal for combating workplace conflict.

Working with Difficult People” is currently available in Kindle format at Click on the link to preview the book or download your own copy.

Vampiris Sancti: The Elf

The ElfZyre is an elf – in other words, she is a creature with an exceptional ability to manipulate the truth, make herself completely unnoticeable although fully visible, and, when necessary, seduce her way out of trouble. Her talent for survival is unparalleled.

But when Zyre escapes from her own world into the human world to avoid a forced marriage to a demon prince, she is brought face to face with a kind of danger she has never before encountered in her life. In the human world, the spurned demon prince continues to pursue Zyre, and she falls into the dangers of love, desire, friendship, and betrayal.

That’s the plot of the “The Elf,” the first book of the Vampiris Sancti trilogy, by Katri Cardew – but in this book’s case, the plot is merely the tip of the iceberg. This book possesses a striking originality that goes far beyond its plot. Take a look at the first sentence of this narrative:

It was Beb who warned her and the unexpected intervention of a Pixie was as contradictory as the drunken slur of his voice against the perfection of features that suggest sobriety.

Seldom would an editor let such a sentence pass into the final manuscript. But in this book, sentences such as this completely fit into the aura of story. The author’s airy and multi-layered style of writing gives the tale a unique ambience, a breathless feeling, the strange and eerie charm of a humbug whose appearance defies descriptions based on sound, smell, or form.

Like Zyre herself, this book is free, experimental, instinctive. Normally, such a writing style would make a book difficult to read, but in “The Elf,” it feels right and natural. It is vibrant. It is magical.

As we have said before, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a novel as refreshingly original and wonderfully entertaining as this.

Vampiris Sancti: The Elf” is available today on Click on the link to view or download the book.

‘Yacht Service Bible’ Now Available – A Must-Have Manual for Anyone Who Owns a Yacht, Works on One, or Wants a Job in the Yacht Industry


Yacht Stew Solutions, a top yacht service training company based in Florida, has announced the publication of “The Yacht Service Bible:  The Service Manual for Every Yacht.” This comprehensive compilation of yacht service knowledge was written by Alene Keenan, founder and CEO of Yacht Stew Solutions, after over 20 years of experience working on yachts and training other people to give top-quality yacht stew services.

This excellent book provides step-by-step training on everything a yacht stew is expected to know: skills required for STCW certification, yacht food and styles of food service, housekeeping, laundry, administration, yacht departments and responsibility, chain of command, and insider service secrets.

Included, too, in the manual is training on soft skills that distinguish a fair steward from an outstanding one: poise, attitude, enthusiasm, personal boundaries, confidentiality, and gossip control, among other things.

The Yacht Service Bible” is not only useful for stews or aspiring stews but it also serves as a great reference for yacht captains, crew agents, yacht managers, and yacht owners.

With the knowledge contained in this book, a yacht stew can gain the respect of the yacht passengers and crew because he or she is able to anticipate and provide their needs even before they think of it. Crew agents will know how to find and recruit the best people for the job. Captains, who are responsible for upholding yacht service standards, and yacht managers will have a better insight on the standards expected by yacht owners and guests. Yacht owners will be more able to protect their investment by knowing what really goes on behind the scenes and gaining an insight on the causes of crew turnover, one of the biggest problems in yachting.

“This is the book that I wish had been available when I started out in the yachting industry as a junior stewardess more than 20 years ago,” Keenan said. “It is not only for yacht stews, but for high-end service industry professionals everywhere.”

“The Yacht Service Bible:  The Service Manual for Every Yacht” is now available in e-book format and can be downloaded from the Yacht Stew Solutions website.

To learn more about “The Yacht Service Bible” or to download the book, log on to

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Blood Mixes with e-Ink in this Terrifying Tale on Kindle, “Composed in Blood”

Composed in BloodLike any literature genre, horror stories require very specialized writing skills. A good horror story should drag you, shaking and trembling, into the spooky heart of the story. It should keep you quivering and quavering right to the very end. It should keep your cardiac muscles pumping even after the last page is closed. It should make the hair prickle on the back of your neck when you enter a dark room two days after you finished reading the book.

Cindy Sprigg’s book, “Composed in Blood,” does all these.

In the story, we find the boy Tommy, who was born and raised in one of the sickest ways imaginable: his father was incestuous, and his grandmother was abusive. To survive, Tommy developed a feral psyche – he kills, then he eats his victims.

In Tommy, Jake Stone found the perfect muse for the novel he was writing.

Stone is a writer who has this singular obsession with writing the perfect horror novel. If necessary, he would write the story in blood and feed it with real-life murders.

Stone realized that Tommy could provide a treasure trove of material for his novel. So, in a psychotic effort to feed his story, Stone decided to keep supplying Tommy with human prey to kill.

What unfolds before the reader’s eyes is a bloody and macabre tale of twisted madness, pathos, pain, and death. Your heart begins to ache for killer Tommy while you grow increasingly horrified of Stone. Darkly, steadily, the tension rises until you are too terrified to turn the page, and yet something inside forces you to keep reading.

Composed in Blood” is Sprigg’s horror masterpiece. To get your own copy of this novel, click on the link, which leads to the book’s page on

Released on Kindle: A No-Nonsense Book on How to Be a Star!

How to Be a CelebrityIf you’ve ever wanted to be a star, you’re in good company. Some of the world’s most influential people today – Oprah Winfrey, Michael J. Fox, Bill Cosby – once had that very same dream, and look where they are today and what they can do!

These days, celebrities are the new royalty. Their words are listened to and discussed by thousands of people. We patronize the products, ideas, and values they endorse. With their well-known names, doors open to them that would not open for the rest of us. Of course, the money isn’t bad either.

In fact, for all the disadvantages to being a star that famous celebrities sometimes bewail, you would notice that these same celebrities still work to retain their star status. For most of us, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

So it’s no surprise that a lot of us would like to be a star. The big question, however, is “How?”

Charles Hopkins-Thyme knows the answer to that. After all, this career coach has helped propel several big names, such as Jennifer Lopez, to Hollywood fame. This has made him a star in his own field among Hollywood insiders.

To share this knowledge, Hopkins-Thyme has held several lectures all over the world. Now he has also compiled his knowledge in a book, “How to Become a Celebrity: Building a Career in the Limelight.”

In this book, Hopkins teaches you how to find your own niche where you can shine brightest in hour journey to becoming a celebrity. He gives reveals how you can build your own personal brand and get noticed by the public. He includes resources on how to find agents and how to hone your talent, plus many other proven methods for becoming the star you dreamed to be.

“The celebrity status, despite its many downsides, offers something that money really can’t buy,” Hopkins-Thyme said. His book offers you a chance to get that “something.”

How to Become a Celebrity: Building a Career in the Limelight” is currently available in Kindle ebook and paperback format. To learn more about the book or get your own copy, click on the link, which will lead you to the book’s page at

A Tribute to Courage

In December 2009, seven operatives of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were murdered by a suicide bomber in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. Their deaths were mourned by the nation. But as we grieved these men and women’s deaths, we also got a peek at their lives – and one individual came out especially striking: Elizabeth Hanson.

Hanson, 30 years old, was an economics graduate of Colby College in Maine. After graduation, this vivacious young woman joined the CIA and was assigned to Afghanistan to gather information about the militant networks in the area.

On her desk, Hanson kept a paperweight on which was written this question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

This was the question that faced Hanson every day. It was the question she met when she began work at the start of her day. It was the question that confronted her before she left work at the end of her shift. It was how she lived her life.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

It is a question that one cannot easily answer. But look at all the individuals in history who have dared to answer it: inventors, explorers, soldiers, saints, heroes. Each of them had reasons to fail – physical, psychological, or even financial obstacles – but each of them lived their lives as if they were sure they would succeed.

Fearless, they were not – and they had reason to be afraid. Often, they were neither stronger nor smarter nor faster than their opponents.

But they were braver than anybody else. In the face of fearsome things, they were the ones who dared to do what was frightening. In that alone, they have already won.

The Eagle’s Plume,” a thrilling tale of courage by Gerard de Marigny, is dedicated to Elizabeth Curry Marie Hanson, a courageous CIA operative. The lives of men and women such as these inspire the rest of us to live courageous lives as well.

Mr. de Marigny has also authored the “Rise to the Call,” a #1 bestselling geopolitical thriller on “The Eagle’s Plume” is the first book of de Marigny’s new Archangel series.

Dating After Trauma: How to Find the Love of Your Life After Experiencing an Abusive Relationship, Rape, or Sexual Abuse

When one has been a victim of sexual or emotional abuse, it can be very hard to heal and learn to trust completely again.

Unfortunately, emotional and sexual abuse are far more common than we like to think. How many of us have experienced dates who would not respect our firm and honest no? How about that colleague or superior who touched or spoke in a way that was far beyond professional boundaries? Or that family member who betrayed you so bad emotionally or even sexually, you felt you could never trust anybody again?

If you’re reading this, you probably know what emotional or sexual abuse feels like. You know how it can cripple you, how it can hurt the people who love you today because you are no longer able to give them the trust and intimacy that they deserve, because of what somebody did a long time ago.

But there is a way to heal, a way to learn to trust again and accept intimacy from a good person. And yes, there are good people out there, and there is a way to find them.

In “Dating After Trauma,” Emily Avagliano courageously reveals her own personal struggle to overcome past trauma and find her soulmate. In her step-by-step guide, she shares with her readers an insightful methodology for healing, moving on from the pain, and finding true bliss by falling in love and sharing intimacy with a good person.

Through this book, you will learn to identify and conquer your negative thoughts and actions. You will learn how to heal your mind and body, avoid common dating mistakes that make you prone to abuse, and lower your guard without making yourself vulnerable again.

Yes, you can let go of your fears and date again in a manner in which love truly becomes possible. Let somebody who has walked the road take your hand and walk you through it. You, too, can find your bliss.

Dating After Trauma: How to Find the Love of Your Life After Experiencing an Abusive Relationship, Rape, or Sexual Abuse,” by Emily Avagliano, is available for instant download at Click on the link to read more about the book or get your own copy today.

Brew Beer at Home: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Most people don’t know how easy it actually is to brew beer at home. Some think you need specialized equipment or machinery to get a decent beer brew.

Well, here’s good news: Most of the equipment you need for brewing beer right at home are already in your kitchen. The ones you don’t already have, you can easily purchase from a regular department store!

The first thing you need to brew beer is something to boil the liquid. Sure, it’s nice to have a special gas burner that will let you boil 30 gallons in one blow. But if you don’t feel like splurging 2 grand on that, you could use a big stock pot and boil it on your kitchen stove.

You need to sanitize everything you use for brewing beer. It is often recommended that you get iodophor or starsan from a beer brew store. But if you promise to rinse very carefully, household bleach will do just as well.

Mashing is a beer-making procedure where you extract sugar from grain to get that special taste in your beer brew. It’s a complex and messy process – but you can completely skip it and just boil a prepackaged malt extract. Your beer brew will taste just as good!

For the fermenting process, an airtight fermenting bucket is recommended. You could purchase a glass carboy for this. Or you could simply use a tight-lidded 5-gallon pail.

The gist is, there is the ideal and there is the “also okay.” When brewing beer, improvisation is certainly possible.

So if you’ve always wanted to brew beer at home but have been intimidated by the idea of expensive equipment and complex processes, take another look. Homebrewed beer is truly within your reach!

If you wish to learn more about brewing your own beer at home, check out “There’s No Taste Like Home: Beer Making for the Complete Novice,” available at Click on the link for a preview of the book.


Jodi Arias Trial Has Eerie Similarities with the Murder Trial of “Zaydee”

Jodi Arias

An undated photo of Jodi Arias that she posted to her MySpace page

Striking resemblances abound between accused killer Jodi Arias and the character of Zaydee,  the heroine in the book “That Girl Started Her Own Country.”

Both are small, attractive young women in their thirties and had a complicated love life. Both have a history of hacking (Arias, however, seems to be a novice, while Zaydee is a full-fledged hacktivist). And both are accused of first-degree murder.

Arias, though physically frail looking was able to stab a man much larger than her 27 times in less than one minute. Zaydee, on the other hand, is able to bring an FBI agent to his knees in a matter of seconds.

In the book, Zaydee deals with less-than-honorable FBI agents. In real life, Arias faced unusually hateful prosecutors.

And while anticipation builds for the verdict in Arias’ trial, a similar anticipation is growing among readers of “That Girl Started Her Own Country” for the sequel of the book, where they will find out what becomes of Zaydee, who is awaiting trial in Miami, Florida, when the story ends in the book.

An early reviewer of “That Girl Started Her Own Country” wrote:

Fantastic. That is a strange statement from me, as I was not the biggest fan of the Millennium trilogy. I never cared all that much about the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest. Maybe something was lost to me in translation.

However, in “That Girl Started Her Own Country,” I found that I cared very much. So much, in fact, that I quite literally did not put it down even when it became a danger to myself and others that I was walking around with my nose in a book, completely oblivious to my environment. The heroine’s personality left a mark. I sit here wanting badly to know, “How will she do it?” I will be sure to buy the next books in line.

“That Girl Started Her Own Country” is part of a series of books, which includes “The Sultan of Monte Cristo” and “The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter.”

That Girl Started Her Own Country,” by Holy Ghost Writer, is available on in Kindle e-book format. It is also available in paperback through online retail distributors such as Barnes & Noble.

Click here to learn more about the Jodi Arias’ trial and the verdict.

Frontier Incursion: Breathtaking and Spirited Sci-Fi for Kids

When I started reading Leonie Rogers’ “Frontier Incursion,” I had no idea I would enjoy the book so much, but I did. The story moved fast, the plot was intriguing, the main character was spirited, and the setting was just breathtaking.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me give you a very quick summary of the story.

Shanna, the main character, is a new member of this organization called the Scout Corps. The group’s assignment is to learn as much as they can about a planet that their ancestors landed in hundreds of years ago. Now Shanna has this special gift: she is able to train Starcats, a large and majestic cat species that accompanies every scout. When their home planet comes under attack, the Shanna and the other scouts do everything they can to protect their home and drive the invaders away.

As I read the book, I found myself practically gaping at this awesome extraterrestrial world that the author had built. It felt like I was exploring a new planet myself, marveling at all the amazing plants and animals that the author described.

Shanna, the main character, is probably one of the strongest aspects of the book. Readers will find it easy to like her and identify with her. She is gutsy but humble. She faces troubles squarely and never gives up.

For the most part, the plot moved along at a very nice speed. The only thing that interrupted the cadence for me was the short paragraphs that the author would add once in a while to give the reader a glimpse of what the story villains were up to.

Certainly, I can imagine how these little peeks could have been used to make the story more interesting. But I feel they were ineffectively used by the author – they added nothing to the story – and in fact, the story would probably have been better without them.

Nonetheless, this is a minor fault, and “Frontier Incursion” remains exciting and enjoyable despite it. The characters are great, the pace is spot-on, and the plot had me glued to my seat. A sequel? Yes, please.

(Review by Beatrice Adams)